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The mission of the Newburyport PTO is to promote the general welfare of children attending the Bresnahan, Molin, and Nock schools. The PTO serves as an advisory body for Newburyport Public Schools administrators and provides an opportunity for easy dialogue between parents and teachers. We organize and sponsor educational and social programs that benefit and support the children, families, and faculty of the Bresnahan, Molin, and Nock schools, and work to secure volunteers to assist the schools’ staff and to support the PTO’s various programs.


You are the PTO!

All of our events and fundraisers are organized and operated by parent, caregiver and teacher volunteers, and supported by Newburyport families. If you have children in the Bresnahan, Molin and Nock schools, or if you are an educator there, you are already a part of the Newburyport PTO! And our events and fundraisers can only be more meaningful with your help, whether it is your help with planning or volunteering at events. Click on the link below to find out how you can help. 

Make Your Voice Heard!

We welcome and encourage your input and feedback on all of our events! If you have an idea or suggestion for the PTO to consider, or a question about one of our initiatives, please get in touch with us. Check the PTO calendar for upcoming General Meeting times and locations, which are open to any Bresnahan, Molin and Nock parent or staff to attend. For more information about our meetings, and to access our minutes from the previous PTO General and Board meetings, check out About PTO drop down menu. 

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