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PTO Volunteer Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at our events! The Newburyport PTO serves all students and families at the Nock, Molin, and Bresnahan schools and our aim is to raise the necessary funds to fulfill our commitment to funding field trip transportation, cultural enrichment programs, and various extracurricular activities. We also organize teacher appreciation and family activities and rely on volunteers to make these events successful.  


Volunteering is a wonderful way to help our schools and build connections in our school community.  We have lots of initiatives this year and any help is greatly appreciated!  Please see the committee categories below and indicate your volunteer interests.  You can check off as many committees as you wish and you will be placed on a committee email list for each of those events. Please be advised that completing this form is NOT a formal commitment. It will only ensure that we send you more detailed information about planning meetings and/or volunteer opportunities for that event. If you are no longer available to volunteer at that time, you are not obligated to participate.

If you are unable to indicate your volunteer interests at this time, you can still receive the PTO communication by including your name and email and selecting the "I want to receive the PTO updates" checkbox. That way you are always in the know about the PTO events and and fundraisers. 

Grades of child(ren) attending Newburyport schools:
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