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The primary goal of the Newburyport PTO is to promote the general welfare of children in the schools. The PTO fulfills this objective by organizing and sponsoring educational and social programs that benefit and support ALL children, families, and faculty of the Bresnahan, Molin, and Nock schools. The PTO works with the Newburyport families to plan and organize its programs throughout the year, and relies on volunteers to successfully implement the events both in and outside of schools. Below are some of our initiatives and events that are offered annually.


We are thrilled to have you in our community!

PTO Programs


Funding for Educators

The PTO awards teachers and service providers funds for educational and enrichment opportunities for our students that cannot be funded through the current school budget. See our Funding For Educators page for details.


Teacher Appreciation Events

The PTO organizes a welcome event for teachers and provides several opportunities for the Newburyport families to show their appreciation for our amazing educators. Visit Teacher Appreciation Events page for more details.

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Classroom Liaisons

This PTO program is a great resource for parents wishing to be involved in their child's education and it fosters open communication between home and school. See our Classroom Liaison page for more details.

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Bresnahan Events

The PTO organizes many different events and activities for the Bresnahan students and their families both in and out of school. To learn more about these events, please visit the Bresnahan Events page.

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Nock Events

The PTO plans several events for Nock students, including Nock Dinner and a Show, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Dances, and 8th Grade Celebration. Explore the Nock Events page for more information!


Field Trip Transportation

The PTO funds transportation for the Bresnahan, Molin and Nock field trips, which are planned by teachers and align with their curriculum. Our 

Field Trip Transportation page contains more information about this program.


School Enrichment

The PTO works with teachers and administrators to provide cultural awareness programs that fit within the curriculum at each school. See our School Enrichment for the past programs sponsored by the PTO.


The Parenting Years Speaker Series

The Parenting Years Speaker Series is a collaboration between Newburyport Youth Services, Newburyport PTO, and the River Valley Parent Alliance. See more information under our Parent Speaker Series page.

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Molin Events

The PTO plans a variety of activities for Molin students and provides many opportunities for their families to get involved as volunteers. Explore the Molin Events page for more information!

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Donations and Scholarships

The PTO provides event scholarships for middle school students, senior scholarships, and funds for supplies for new union educators at the elementary and middle schools. See Donations and Scholarships page for more information.

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